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EcoBioControl (Cosmetics - Detergents)





The EcoBioControl Cosmetics Dictionary has about 20,000 substances and in particular:

- The most complete cosmetic database
- The substances prohibited in cosmetics
- Hundreds of allergenic substances
- The most complete list of endocrine disruptors
The danger to human health has a great weight. Equally important is the aspect of naturalness of the raw materials. The values attributed to industrial processes for obtaining the substance etc. are less important.

The cosmetic MUST come into contact with the skin unlike a detergent.
The EcoBioControl Detergents is mainly mathematical. It is based on a scientific calculation that measures the value of "Environmental Impact" and the value obtained (higher more polluting) determines the color of the traffic light.

The data you will get by entering the name of a chemical you want to have information about are:

- Traffic light color (overall judgment)
- Value of the Environmental Impact
- The function of the substance
- The chemical name
- The motivation of the traffic light in combination with the aforementioned mathematical calculation.
A red substance in cosmetics can be green in detergency.

The free consultation tools offered by EcoBioControl, add a very important chapter with the publication of the EcoBioControl Detergents.

We need your help to make it more precise. Look for the compositions of detergents that you find, by law, on the manufacturer's website and insert them in the new EcoBioControl Detergents. Raw materials that do not appear must be reported, either on the forum or at so that they can be entered quickly.
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