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The Brand


EcoBioControl is born with an experience of twenty years.



To explain well what ecobiocontrol wants to do and how to reach the goals it has set, I want to give you an example of approval.

One morning the manager of the xxx company decides that he wants to be adopted by EcoBioControl. What should you do?

First step: in complete autonomy, check the formulation on the page "New EcoBioControl of Fabrizio Zago". If you find that it is a riot of red dots it is best to leave it alone or rethink the recipe. If, on the other hand, greens abound and there is only a few yellows, then let's say we can talk about them.

Second step: the company manager downloads the request form and contacts us. At this point the Scientific Committee will check the material and request it, if necessary, further.

Third step: the Committee issues a license to use the EcoBioControl Mark for products that have been approved.

The beauty comes now: how much do you pay?

Answer: we hope NOTHING! (So ​​much for profit).

The reasoning is simple: we are here to spread the culture of responsible and sustainable cosmetics and detergents. Each of us lives from our own work and not from the possible, possible, dreamed-up gains from the logo. I personally did what I had to do and I did it and I don't need anything more, I'm fine. So why pay? Let's see when and how much to pay.

Premise: you do not pay admission, you do not pay document checks, for audits you are asked for the minimum money for an auditor, the lowest in the world!

The figures I will use to give examples are purely a figment of my imagination and have no other purpose than to facilitate the understanding of the present example:

A - The xxx product has "only" a good ecological formula: it will pay 1% on turnover.

B - The same formula has been tested to minimize risks to the environment and the person. And supporting tests are carried out: they will pay 0.8%.

C - High level efficacy tests are provided with official methods against European standard products: it will pay 0.6%

D - The plant is powered by electricity from renewable sources, will pay 0.4%

E - Zero kilometer substances (raw materials) are used: they will pay only 0.2%

F - If a “Perfect” product is submitted for accreditation: it will not pay ANYTHING!

I repeat that the figures, the percentages and the same arguments are purely indicative, the REAL numbers will be discussed directly with the manufacturers because this is our mission: TO GROW TOGETHER.

Apart from the small number of figures involved, it is clear that if we ever find that there are some pennies in the bottom of the drawer, we will invest them to make the brand better known, to carry out independent tests and analyzes, which dedicate their professional services to the project and so on. But we'll make it!

The Biodictionary born 18 years ago and the forum that I have moderated since then have been completely free services. Now there are different needs that we have to face.

If a few euros go through EcoBioControl it will be to support the tests and to remunerate the professionals involved.

With the help of you all we will succeed in giving an ever better and more in-depth answer.


I would like (I would like) that on these topics, of the approval process, there were your comments, otherwise I speak well but peck badly, if I do not take into account what consumers think, right?



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