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It goes from about 6,000 substances to over 20,000, so many questions "not found in the EcoBioControl" will no longer have to be.
In addition to the colored dot, many other useful information will be provided for further research.
A large number of recently recognized allergenic substances have been included in the database. Many potential endocrine disruptors have also been included.
A thorough research was carried out on the constituents of the perfumes and reported in the EcoBioControl database.
Spaces have been created in which to publish articles, reflections and other material that contributes to improving the level of knowledge of the Eco-Bio world. Site visitors can submit texts to be published in these spaces, subject to approval by the Scientific Committee.
I am no longer alone in taking care of the New BioDictionary, many friends are helping me but above all you EcoBioControl goers are giving a soul to this site and I will be eternally grateful for this.
Those who work in compliance with EcoBioControl will be able to enhance their business by putting an "Approved by EcoBioControl" logo. The rules are indicated in another part of this site.

Thanks to all and good attendance of this new common dream.


Fabrizio Zago

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EcoBioControl Team

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