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  • 09.03.2020

Herbal dyes analysis report 2020

At the end of 2019 I made a commitment to analyze the coloring herbs used for the wraps.

It was a long job because at the beginning it was not known how many champions would arrive. Then the first analyzes gave disastrous results and therefore we repeated the tests several times. In the end, some particularly polluted, I sent them to an external laboratory but the bad data confirmed themselves.

The "perfect" products, ie free from bacteria (Gram + and Gram-) and from yeasts and molds are these:




All other herbs show battery growth or fungal growth or, in most cases, both types.

My lawyers have decided that the complete table with all the data is available only by email. In this way, those who receive it cannot use the data contained and make me get into trouble. In fact, I will NEVER authorize the dissemination of these numbers. The address is I will be happy to answer everyone but also to avoid trouble, thanks for your understanding.

The document that anyone of you can request will contain a summary and very simplified table, with the data collected. Following are the photos of all the products tested (you will see simple strips and not the Petri dishes because they are even more difficult to interpret). Finally you will find the procedures followed to sterilize the papettes before application, without therefore taking any risks.

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